Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Little Monkeys

jumping in Judah's bed, one is surely gonna bump his head!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday, Judah!

Judah is the smiliest most social baby ever! He is also very distracted by the flash on the camera which makes capturing his adorable grins nearly impossible :O) He belly laughs when you bounce him up and down and he thinks Samuel is hilarious. He loves Samuel's attention even when he is being told "no, mine" from his big brother. Judah is an absolute delight. We are enjoying watching him become the wonderful person God created him to be. We love you, Judah-bug!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends with Boys - Opinions Please!!

So, Samuel is turning two a week from today. Wow!! We have been brainstorming about what kind of gifts he would truly enjoy. He's getting wood blocks from Mojo and Papaw, which will definitely be a hit, and we will enjoy playing with them too :O) But, I have no idea what else he might like and be able to enjoy for at least months, if not years, to come. Any ideas?

Monday, July 26, 2010


Samuel has learned so much this summer! Jolly and I fall deeper in love with him every day as we see him make new discoveries and get a bigger glimpse of who he is. I can't believe he will be two in a month! Here are some of his latest developments:

  • He puts words together such as "mommy's shoes" or "yucky diaper"
  • He is a parrot and seems to have twenty new words a day
  • His favorite phrase is "oh gosh" which he gladly picked up from Aunt Key
  • His favorite adjectives are "cool" and "cute" he thinks kitty's are especially cute and toys that he can build with or cars that go are cool
  • His favorite color is orange pronounced oranch
  • He likes puzzles, blocks, cars and things that make noise
  • He loves to dance and sing, would like to have music on at all times
  • Likes reading books, his current favorites are a seek and find book of the characters from the movie Cars and a Byron Barton book called Trucks
  • He actually likes going to his girl friends houses because they have shopping carts and strollers to push around that he doesn't get to play with at home
  • He is a ham and makes big cheesy smiles for the camera
  • Loves his Fire Chief hat, puts it on himself, me, Judah, and all of his stuffed animals and laughs hysterically
  • Has turned into quite a cuddle bug, comes up several times a day and grabs me around the legs saying "hug" and squeezing tight making a grunt. Bear hug :O)
  • He says Love you mama, dada, yudah
  • Says "no sir" when he is doing something he is not supposed to
We love you Samuel! You are the apple of our eye and we continue to pray you will grow in wisdom and strength and in favor with God and men.


I can't believe Judah is already 10 weeks old! This summer is flying by. His latest milestones are:
  • he has found his thumb and prefers it to his pacifier
  • he rolled over (only once, front to back)
  • he smiles all the time
  • makes sweet noises
He is a snuggly baby, loves to be held. He is a tummy sleeper. Doesn't like riding in the car and not too interested in taking a bottle. We love you baby Judah and are having so much fun watching you grow and become the person God made you to be!

Brotherly Love

Samuel LOVES Judah! Wakes up asking for him, shares his favorite toys with him, kisses and hugs him. And, Judah loves Samuel, too. Samuel gets the biggest smiles so far :O) Judah likes Samuel so much that he grins even when his brother sits on him, he's a good sport. We are having so much fun watching their sweet relationship develop already.


Jolly and I took Samuel and Judah camping at the Lake Katherine trail head on the fourth of July weekend to prove to ourselves that we could do it! It went about how you would expect with a two year old and 7 week old. We didn't sleep much, but a cup of coffee by the fire tasted that much better in the morning :O) Samuel decided he was going home about twenty minutes after we got up at 6:30 am and sat in the car for two hours strapped in his car seat while we enjoyed the morning. Judah thoroughly enjoyed himself. He like watching the leaves sway in the breeze and the flickering fire, definitely an outdoorsman! We had a great time talking and listening to favorite tunes in the car on the drive there and back while the boys mostly snoozed.